Getting More Fat Surgery (Liposuction)

Number of fat cells is constant in the adult human body. Number of fat cells does not increase after puberty, but volume of the fat cells increases. Eating habits and lifestyle is the most important factors to weight gain and lose weight for people.

Regular exercise, proper diet and lifestyle are essential to get rid of excess weight. However, even in individuals who perform these requirements, may not get rid of stubborn fat deposits. Diet and exercise resistant fat accumulation zones are regions of the body such as abdomen, waist, hips, outer and inner side of the thighs, knee. Fat is resolved with diet and exercise in these regions, more exercise and diet can be benefit as thinning in these regions but resulting in deterioration of the body’s overall metabolism.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgery that removed fat accumulation from the body with special vacuum or special injectors. Definitely it is not a slimming surgery, it is body contour correction surgery. This surgery is reduced number of fat cells by removing resistant fat cells.

Stubborn fat area is inflated by injecting special fluid in liposuction surgery. Then, a few mm long several incision is made near this region. This incisions which is based on the patient’s condition and they have 2-6 mm diameter metal pipes called a cannula is inserted into the subcutaneous layer and the transparent cannula is connected to the vacuum hoses.

Vacuum device is operated and cannulae begin removal of excess fat accumulation process by moving in the appropriate depth. Vacuum sucking continues until desired contour of the body and skin surface is achieved. In recent years, surgeon has been utilized by the ultrasound energy. In this method, excess fat tissue fragmented by the ultrasound waves, and then taken by vacuum.

More stubborn fat in deep levels of the skin is taken with liposuction and also fat deposits that cause contour inconsistency can be removed with superficial liposuction or liposculpture method. Also liposculpture technique allows definitive result to remove stubborn cellulite and sagged skin.

Classic liposuction process used in the 1970s and cannula diameter appeared quite large and sharp that cause serious problems due to lack of adequate vacuum equipment. These issues have been left behind today. Liposuction techniques are indispensable method which has been applied to the body contours for 10 years. The goal is not to weaken, surgeon can get good contour correction for well-selected patients in hospital conditions, if safety is not exceeded the limit technique is better without any risk. Nowadays, safety limit are considered from 2.5 to 4.5 liters. Some surgeon can take more liters. In this case, surgeon should take precaution to patient’s fluid and electrolyte balance, and sometimes blood transfusion may be necessary. Taking the necessary measures in extreme obesity patients who are called morbid obesity, 28 liters of fat removal has become feasible in one session.


The operation is done in hospital conditions in the operating room and under anesthesiologist supervision control. Local anesthesia and sedation (sleeping through a blood vessel) combination is preferred. Local anesthesia can be used in small areas. Surgery takes between 1-5 hours depending on the vacuum applied regions. Usually cannula entrance holes are not sewn or 1-2 stitches placed onto holes. Sometimes using cannula tubes, special holes (drain) are placed into areas which are removed accumulated serum. Patient can exit from the hospital in same-day or 24 hours after surgery.

Usually patient can feel comfortable after surgery. Patient can feel a few pain and this situation can be controlled medications. At the end of surgery, special bandage was applied to place where is a vacuum applied area and patient wearing specific corsets. Postoperatively, the patient is dressing. Patient continues to wear a corset between 5-6 weeks. Color can changes to purplish in vacuum applied areas. Patient can feel swelling, tingling or burning. They recover spontaneously within 3 weeks. Surgery scars become disappear within 2-6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to have liposuction surgery. Who should I contact?

This is a aesthetic operation. Patient must consult to Plastic and Aesthetic surgeons. Except this branch of surgery, various surgeons say they can do this surgery because of high demand. Patients should be careful in this surgery and they must select correct surgeons.

Which areas are suitable for liposuction?

Under the chin, cheeks, neck, upper inner arm, breast, chest, abdomen, waist, thighs, knees inner side, as the back leg and in many field of body fat accumulation has become possible to remove with vacuum. In addition, other body contour correction surgery (tummy tuck, breast reduction, etc.) is used as a complementary process.

Will trace after liposuction?

Cannula (liposuction with metal pipes) entry holes are typically 2-4 mm. The remaining tracks are disappeared. Traces can negligible in this operation.

How many liters fat can be taken at one time? Liposuction can be done again?

We can be removed 4-5 liters fat without disturbing the balance of the patient’s body functions. However, some surgeons can be removed more with liquid and blood. Here, surgeon’s preference is important. We can be done re-operation in wider areas at intervals of 3-6 months.