Laser Facial Rejuvenation Surgery


What Is Laser Facial Rejuvenation Surgery?

The most important factor as well as other factors is sunlight effect for facial skin aging. Wrong sunbathe and sunbathe without protection increases skin destruction. The destruction is big in exposed skin of the face and dorsum of the hand. Sun’s rays increase facial wrinkles and upper floors of skin become poor quality with effect of them.

Laser device is used to renewal for facial skin damaged with the effect of sun. Laser beams with the application of various treatments in medicine began in the 1960s. Advances in science and technology has made devices more sensitive in the last 5 years and which has led to the development of devices that can be used on human skin. Laser beams are used to treat some skin diseases and various areas of medicine today. Laser beams produced from different sources. There are existing more than 10 laser device. The following laser types are used in facial rejuvenation.

a. Carbon dioxide laser: The removal of benign tumors of the skin, wrinkle treatment, is used for facial rejuvenation.

b. Erbium YAG laser: Removal of the masses of vascular origin, and is used for facial rejuvenation. We need both devices because they have different effects. Both devices have produced which is including both sources. Wrinkles around the eyes and upper lip, damaged top layers of skin have been eliminated with these devices.

Who Is A Good Candidate For This Surgery?

Laser application decrease scars on the face and color changes. Related to aging skin, wrinkles can be controlled with this method. Laser beams should be done in carefully selected center with training and experience in plastic surgery experts in this matter and also patients with other non-health problem. A single device is not enough for all of the problems solution. Different laser devices must be used in various skin problems. There are side effects and conditions, even when performed in appropriate patients. Area is considered to be limited today.


Laser burn skin and this cause an open wound which is predisposing viral and bacterial infections. For this reason needed to use the appropriate protective drugs against the known as herpes viral infection in patients before surgery. Laser rays burn the skin by creating a superficially controlled impact, the application should be done in hospital conditions with anesthesiologist supervision in the operating room. Local anesthesia can be done for operation. According to the procedure operation takes 1-2 hours. Other plastic surgery procedure can be used as complementary operations. Sometimes a few sessions may be necessary.

After The Surgery

Early postoperative period is usually comfortable. Open wound treatments should be applied to laser applied fields. Patient can feel tightness and pain in the areas of operation. General swelling can be on face. Light head coil can be applied. The coil is opened 2 days after. General inspection and dressing change is made. Excessive swelling and reddish pink color changes may continue 3-6 months. However, these can be covered with make up creams after l week. Traces and discoloration of skin can make from time to time. These risks should be told to patient.

Return To Normal Life

Patient can return to work within 3 weeks. Disappearance of swelling and redness takes 6 months. The patient must stay away from the sun in 6-12 months.