Jaw Surgery


Jaw Surgery

Form and length of jaw is very important because they affect aesthetic appearance of the face. Surgeon should obtain jaw and lower face which is proportional to other parts of the face because holistic approach to aesthetics is indispensable. There is data to be obtained after consideration by measurements. If there is any nonconformity condition you will be given solution reasons. Sometimes to correct these discrepancies, we apply orthognathic surgery which is corrected the lower jaw and upper jaw close situation. If necessary, shut-off problem can not be identified any cases, attempts to do the tip of the chin is good enough.

Can Be Done Together With Other Surgeries?

The tip of the chin surgeries can be done together with other surgeries, even needs to be done. To take one example, it is not possible to obtain good result to make just aesthetic nose surgery to a person with nonconformity between sides of the face, whereas in this case, the result of aesthetic rhinoplasty with chin surgery made a positive change too.

What Can Be Done With Jaw Surgery?

The lower face and the chin tip extension, shortening, elimination of asymmetry, intensify and deepening of the groove is possible with tip of the chin surgeries.

How Can Be Done?

Surgery can be done under general anesthesia and incisions are made inside the mouth and achieved to tip of the chin, so no trace is left in visible regions. Special implants can be used to extend or clarify of the tip of chin, and it is also possible to extend or shorten the tip of the chin with initiatives for the advancement of the bone without the use of any implant.

Recovery Process

Genyoplasti (the tip of the jaw aesthetic) surgery is well tolerated by patients. Usually we do not take any trouble by patients. As with all transactions made in the face, swelling and bruising can be seen in the face. When the necessary proposals complied, your swelling will disappear.