İnjectable Fillers


Throughout our life, facial skin affected from gravity, solar radiation, the facial expressions for many years, chewing, smoking and daily stress. Young and succulent tissues under the skin begin to melt and deep lines, wrinkles outer edge of the eyes, smile lines occur on our face. These lines are filled with skin injections and it gives more voluminous and full image to our face.

“Restylene” which contains hyaluronic acid is used for the purpose of filling. The possibility of allergy is very low because Restylene does not contain animal substances and Restylene eliminates the risk of infectious diseases. Restylane is injected into the fold and lines with tiny injectors and thus volume loss of the removed, the lines are destroyed. The treated area is permanent about 4-6 months depending on the outcome. It can be applied again at the end of this time, or after.

Body fat can be used for filling material in our operation. This method is used more filling of lips and cheeks and also to remove laugh lines between the nose and cheeks. In some cases, fillers are not suitable to remove very deep wrinkles. In this case, an aesthetic face lift surgery is required.

Usually operation takes 15-20 minutes and you will not feel any pain or suffering. After operation you can return to normal activities and work.

After the implementation you can feel a slight burning and tingling sensations. It can be redness in injection area, the redness will disappear within 24 hours at least.