Hair Transplantation


Hair Transplantation

Many factors can lead to hair loss such as aging, hormonal changes and family predisposition to baldness. Hair loss may also occur after trauma, burns and, in this case the goal is to do reconstructive surgery and surgery costs can be covered by health insurance. If you and your doctor decide to hair transplant you could be at ease in this regard because this process is done successfully for more than 20 years by plastic surgeons. If you think hair transplant, this article provide you basic information about initiatives that can be done.

The Facts About Hair Loss

Poor nutrition of the scalp, vitamin deficiencies, dandruff, and even wearing hat long time cause development of hair loss and baldness.

Hair Transport Of Important Points

Hair transplant makes your appearance beautiful and increases self-confidence but you may not find your ideal. Patients should think carefully before deciding surgical intervention and need to reassess the situation with your doctor.

Hair transplant patients who are candidates must have healthy hair in their heads back. Hair color, hardness, wavy and curly like that other factor also affect surgery result.

There are number of techniques used in hair replacement surgery. Sometimes two or more techniques are used to achieve the best results. Transplantation techniques, punch grafts, mini-grafts, micro-grafts, slit grafts and strip grafts are generally performed on patients who desire more modest change. Flaps, tissue-expansion and scalp-reduction techniques applied to patients who want more dramatic change.

However, keep in mind that sometimes is limited to what can be done. Surgery should be considered not a viable option for patients with very little hair.

Hair Loss In Women

Approximately one of every five women faces hormonal changes after menopause or illness and that cause hair loss. Hair loss and thinning occur in all skin. To overcome this problem, some women choose to wear a wig or hairpiece. Others use some drugs applied to the hair surface. The effects of these drugs vary from person to person but it can prevent hair loss.

If you think surgery for your hair you should not forget that the process do not prevent to your hair loss but provides more natural and well-rounded appearance for thin areas.

Planning Of Surgery

Hair transplants and transplantation technique varies depending on the person. Therefore, you should choose doctor who knows what kind of surgery may be appropriate to you as well as planting techniques on tissue expansion or flaps.

In your initial consultation, surgeon will assess your hair growth, the degree of hair loss, hair loss is the family story, and if you get a treatment before surgery. In addition, the possible consequences of your lifestyle and your expectations will talk to you after surgery.

If you smoke or you are taking medications that affect bleeding such as aspirin, you should inform your doctor of this situation.

If you decide to have surgery, your surgeon will provide information about type of anesthesia, how to perform surgical procedure, risks, and results. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor if you have any questions on this subject in mind.

You should make sure that how much time surgery will take and which procedure will apply in preoperative period.

FUE Hair Transplant Method

In recent years, FUE method of hair transplantation has become the most commonly performed method. The most important reason for using of FUE hair transplant method is that more natural results and trackless than FUT hair transplantation technique. If we use FUE method for hair transplantation you will not see any trace in hair transplantation area after surgery so trace problem does not arise after surgery. But obvious scar will occur in FUT hair transplantation method.

In the FUE method, hair roots taken from nape one by one with the aid of special micro-motor without leaving any trace and placed in completely lost or thinned area with thin canals opened. It takes approximately 5-6 hours and operation performed under local anesthesia. The patient certainly does not feel pain. Patient can not see scar in the place where hair transplantation applied. You will never loss cultivated hair and the results are permanent.

FUE hair transplantation method has been given the best and most natural results. The biggest factor is team work in that operation because team must work meticulously. FUE technique is an accepted method all over the world.

Preparation For Surgery

In preoperative period, how to make preparation, what to eat and drink properly, need to give up smoking and take drugs will be informed by the doctor. If you follow these recommendations carefully you will take good result. If you smoke you should give up at least 1-2 weeks before surgery because smoking reduce blood flow in skin and affect your recovery negatively.

Environment For Surgery

Surgery can be done in physician’s office or surgery center. Patient can state in hospital but it is rarely situation.

Type Of Anesthesia

Hair transplants are usually performed using local anesthesia under sedation to make you more comfortable. Your scalp will be insensitive to pain, but you can feel pressure and tensile forces during operation.

General anesthesia can be done for more complex surgery such as tissue expansion or flaps. In this case, you will sleep through the entire operation and you will not feel anything.

After Surgery

According to size and complexity of surgical procedure you feel varies after surgery. Excessive tightness or pain can be controlled with painkillers.

If bandage used it is removed after the first day. Two days after surgery, you can wash your hair very gently. If you have complaints such as flix, itching or redness you should consult your doctor.

Strenuous activity increases blood flow in scalp areas and cause bleeding so you should avoid vigorous exercise in three weeks.

Some doctors do not advise that sexual activity within the 10 days.

Do not worry, your incisions heal quickly. During this period, especially in the first month, your doctor will call to control various intervals. You should visit your doctor promptly.

Return To Normal Hair Development

Many patients can see planted hair loss after 6 weeks. It should be noted that the situation is normal and always temporary. Hair re-growth will be in 5-6 weeks.