Persons who are gain weight and then lose weight occur sagging in their hip. However, if it is not properly the genetic structure of the hip, gluteoplasty surgery is possible to eliminate these unpleasant situations. Everyone’s body is different, prior to surgery is required the most appropriate design of the structure of the patient’s body.

Several different methods used for ass aesthetic surgery, liposuction, ass lift, fat injections and hip prosthesis insertion to ass. If you have excess fat in your side of ass, fat retrieval method is applied. Taken fat treated specially and then it can be injection to the top of the ass. But we indicate something in here, a portion of the injected fat can soluble. The other method is placing the hip prothesis which is applied to persons who are poor.

Surgery done with general anesthesia in hospital environment by the methods described above and surgery take average of 2-3 hours. After surgery patient need to remain one day in the hospital. Postoperative pain becomes very light and pain can be controlled with medications which are given to you by doctor. After surgery the patient should wear special corset during 2 weeks. You can return to work after 1 week.