Face Lift Surgeries


What Is Face Lift Surgery?

Throughout our life, solar radiation, daily stresses and other factors (smoking, drinking, poor diet), affect facial skin negatively and occur sags, wrinkles, blemishes and irregularities. In elderly face, you can see following image; lines became apparent, fallen eyebrows, eyelids sagging, and pouching around eyes, mouth – nose deep lines formed, sagging cheeks, lost chin contours, there is an image formed by the neck oiled leather curtains. Skin has lost its vitality and occur moles and other blemishes.

Face lift surgery called “face lift” or “ritidektomi” in English idioms. Facial and neck skin sags and irregularities removed with face lift surgery; and also cheek and neck fat tissue can be removed, fascia and fatty tissues can be hung down in anatomical parts of the face, facial tissues are replenished, the eyelids can be corrected and other complementary initiatives (Leather peel-peels, fillers and botox, etc.).

Who Is A Good Candidate For This Surgery?

The ideal candidate for a facelift surgery people who has face and neck skin elasticity begun to sag, but still not fully lose skin elasticity, who are not in any other health problem. Generally, these men and women over the age of 40 are adequate for operation. This type of surgery is done in the full or limited depending on structural and genetic factors at an early stage. During surgery, to look face more beautiful and more youthful, nose and eyelids aesthetics, forehead correction, brow lift surgery can also be added. Injection of filler material for fine wrinkles (fat, hyaluronic acid, etc.) or peeling (mechanical, chemical, laser) and can be done botox for wrinkles.


When you have facial aging – sagging problem and when you think surgery, firstly, discuss what you want and why you want to and then contact to plastic surgeon. Tell your doctor requests and expectations, and discuss with him one by one. If you smoke you must leave it before10 days from surgery. Tell your doctor about your habit of sunbathing and skin care, to obtain good results do not forget to ask what to do after surgery. Discuss this topic with your doctor a few times if necessary.


The operation is done in the operating room in conditions of the hospital and under the anesthesiologist supervision. General anesthesia is applied in operation but local anesthesia and intravenous sedation (with tranquillizers) method can also be applied. According to the technique and done surgery takes 3-10 hours. Patient can go home same day but one night is suitable for patient to stay in hospital. Additional procedures (nose, eyelid, etc.) can be done in the same session. Face lift surgery is not without scars. However, tracks are not clear because they are hidden. Traces are hidden in the scalp, ear front and back. If fat taken in under the chin, 3-5 mm scar can occur under the chin. However, these tracks are unclear and hidden traces on the face.


Usually postoperative period is comfortable. Patient can feel general swelling and bruising, numbness and tension. During surgery, a slight asymmetry can occur on face because facial nerves may be affected in mild anesthesia. They disappear spontaneously within 3-5 days. Head coil applied to eyes, nose and mouth but they should be open and cold pad applied to cheeks. Silicone drain pipes can put in the tissue to prevent the accumulation of blood. Drains are taken in 2 days at most. Coil is completely open in 2-3 days. General inspection and dressing change is made. Hair can be washed during this period. If stitches are not soluble type they can take 5-7 days after.

Return To Normal Life

If operation technique is convenient it will give good results. Rarely, the second corrections may be necessary. Postoperatively, patient gets in two days and he/she can work and at home. Patient can return to work after a week, you can make up. Patients should avoid heavy exercise, sun and protect the external shocks in 2 months. According to patient structure and environmental conditions, given new shape on face and neck skin can be durable in 5-10 years or lifetime.