Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)


In medicine, ear has bent more forward than usual state of the bent, that is called “spoon eared”. In spoon eared problem, ears seen more open to forward than in normal ears. Spoon eared surgery make spoon ears back closer to head, missing curves is done to reshape or reduce large ears.

Usually completion of the development of the ear placed around the age of 5, especially remediation process is done after this age. In other words, surgery can be done at any age 5 years and over. If surgery done sooner you will be prevented regiment by environment and protect person’s psychologically disturbed.

Ear surgery can be done in a hospital environment and under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation and surgical intervention usually takes 2 hours. Surgery can be done under general anesthesia in young children and local anesthesia to adults. The reason for using general anesthesia in children is that the child may be restless and surgeon can work quiet comfort during surgery.

The operation is usually performed with an incision made behind the ears. Shaped cartilage, the angle and distance between the head and ears are set and then a light pressure dressing is applied after closing the incision behind the ear. After surgery is normal to have a slight feeling of pain and itching and this problem can be easily controlled with medications. The patient should wear a tennis player bandage for two weeks, that is recommended to prevent curling ear.