Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)


What Is Brow Lift (Forehead Lift) Surgery?

In Forehead, there are the transverse lines which are differences from person to person normally. Lines become the vertical lines between the eyebrows. Forehead skin begins loosening, sagging and deepens the existing lines in parallel with advancing age as well as the skin of the face. Over time, eyebrows start to descend down and tired facial expression occurs in people. Poor nutrition, smoking, irregular lifestyle, stress, air pollution, inadequate treatments occurs unpleasant aesthetically results.

Who Is A Good Candidate For This Surgery?

This surgery is adequate for over 40 years of age, male and female patients who has not faced any other health problems. Forehead lift surgery made forehead lines minimal. Sagging eyebrows lifted correctly and provide fresh look to patient and portion of the lines around to the eyes can be removed. If you need to remove large amounts of skin the classic forehead lift method should be applied. In classical method, trail occurs behind hair line about 4-5 cm. like crown, but this track is hidden in the scalp. Brow suspension surgery is a surgery that intertwined with forehead lift surgery in order to fulfill the normal eyebrows. In addition, there is no need brow suspension surgery. Just to hang by entering your eyebrows is not a preferred method.


Forehead lift surgery has done with endoscopic method recently. If we do not need to remove more tissue behind the hairline we can take same result by cutting 3 or 4 units in 2 cm incision. In most patients, this method is applied. In this method, patients feel more comfortable after surgery, loss of feeling is minimal in scalp. The operation is done in the operating room in hospital condition and under the anesthesiologist supervision. General anesthesia is applied in operation but local anesthesia and intravenous sedation (by way of Vascular sleeping) method can also be applied. Operation takes 1.5-2 hours. The same day patient can go to home. This surgery can be applied simultaneously with other cosmetic surgery. It takes a lot longer time to surgery and hospital stay.

After Surgery

Postoperative period is usually comfortable. General swelling and bruising can be around the forehead and eyes. You may feel numbness and tightness. They disappear spontaneously within 2 weeks. Eyes, nose, and mouth-dropping can be applied to the head coil. Coil is opened in 2 days. General inspection and dressing change is made. Hair is washed and placed back in the winding if necessary. The stitches are taken after 5-7 days.

Return To Normal Life

Surgery gives good results. Rarely, it may be necessary retouching. People can return to work after 2 weeks. Patients should avoid heavy exercise, sun and protect the external shocks in 2 months. New shape of forehead and eyebrows influenced gravity but it will resist in 5-10 years or lifetime.