Breast Enlargement Surgery


What Is Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Breasts may be smaller because of structurally different reasons. They can be smaller than the other and asymmetric. One of them may not be exist which is congenital. Nowadays the most valid method is silicone prosthesis (implant) to make equal both breasts or increase their volume. Patient’s own tissues tested to breast enlargement surgery, but had limited results. For example, partially enlarged breasts can be achieved by taking fat tissue. However, we may not achieve the desired results with fat injections. Silicone breast implants surgery is important standard for breast enlargement.

What Is Silicone Breast Prosthesis (Implant)?

Breast prosthesis is prepared materials as breast. They are available as round and anatomical shapes. One of them is selected to women breast situation appropriately. Portion of the balloon is made from silicone and it is manufactured with rough surface because prosthesis must adapt to body tissues. Substances can be difference that fills the inside of the balloon. In general two types of breast implants used today:

  1. Silicon consist originating silicone gel. They are manufactured in various sizes to ready for use. In U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) FDA-approved again in November of 2006.
    b.Silicone balloon is hollow. Filled with gel (Gel-filled): filled wit serum (Saline-filled): During surgery, popularly known as salt water serum filled to obtain the desired volume.

Need To Know Before Surgery

Before surgery radiological examinations such as mammography and ultrasonography, are necessary for patient is put on the prosthesis over the age of 40. Generally every surgery has risks. After surgery patients can feel edema and pain in the breast. Bleeding and infection are rare conditions. After surgery some patients complain about increasing or decreasing sensitivity on nipple and insensibility around the incision. This is usually temporary. In breast enlargement surgery, breast enlargement is only available with a foreign substance to the body and it can cause problems for the prosthesis. Hardening and narrowing can occur due to the development of membrane called the capsule around the prosthesis. Thin membrane does not cause any problem, medium membrane thickness can be realized hardness of the breasts and slight difference in the base of nipples. In rare cases the body may not accept this foreign substance, it can create thick membrane (capsule) around the prosthesis, squeeze and lock up it and sometimes runs out of the body. In the event of a thick capsule, hardness and asymmetry can be seen in the breasts. In case of mild and medium capsular contracture, massage can be done externally for capsule around the prosthesis, and if necessary additional surgery can be done for removal. In severe capsular contracture situation, surgeon must remove prosthesis. Although silicone prostheses have very thin outer surface, it is quite resistant to external shocks. Normal and moderate massages does not harm for them. Patient can lie prone position after 2 months. Prosthesis burst is a rare event, burst can occur as well as motor vehicle accidents, high falls and injuries with stab wounds. After prosthetic breast surgery, mammography and surgically examination do not create problem. Prosthesis is seen as a gap in mammography. Silicone breast prosthesis does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer and it is same as normal breast tissue. Such a situation occurs in the breast prosthesis, standards applied in cancer-related surgery accordance with other treatment modalities. Before you decide to breast enlargement surgery, discuss your doctor about your bothers and operation, selected prosthesis, incisions shape, anesthesia type and results.


Surgery must be done in hospital operating room under general anesthesia. Surgery takes 1-2 hours. 4-5 cm incision is made to put the prosthesis. This trace may be one of the following layouts:

Recently, prosthesis has put endoscopically entering around hub. However, this method still has not been accepted widely. Trace will remain certainly in enter site. They initially clear, gradually becoming faint traces. Breast can be placed behind breast tissue or chest muscle (pectoral) according to structure of the patient’s breast prosthesis. There are advantages and disadvantages of each application, these details should be evaluated before the surgery.


Usually patients feel comfortable after surgery. Pain is minimal. If prosthesis placed behind chest muscle, arm movements may be restricted a few days. After surgery bra or a bandage applied to the breast. Insoluble seams can be taken after 10-12 days. There is no need to take soluble seams because they will melt. The early period patient may feel swelling, nipple numbness, and discoloration on the skin may be purplish. They disappear as soon as possible. The patient can return to work within 3-4 days. After three weeks breast prosthesis function return to normalcy. The patient is recommended to avoid from heavy sports (running, jumping-requiring) in 2 months. Breast enlargement surgery with prosthesis, in general, that give good and lasting results, also corrects the structure of mental health and psychosocial of persons, surgery that makes them more connected to life.

Nowadays, prostheses used as silicone gel-filled, over rough (textured). According to surgeon preference and the state of the breast, they decided selection and placement of the prosthesis.