Aesthetic Breast Reduction Surgery


Aesthetic Breast Reduction Surgery

Breasts can be great for different reasons. Genetic factors, hormonal changes or the result of some diseases can be cause to occur large breast which is maladjusted for body size. Weight changes, lactation and the effect of gravity increase existing problem more. Increasing of breast tissue and big breasts can be seen in young girls. Sagging breast can cause back and neck pain and they can lead to kyphosis for females. Patient can feel numbness because bra pressure nerves of the arm. Breathing can be difficult. Friction between chest skin and breast skin may cause rash and open wounds under the breast. Daily physical activity can be limited. In addition, selection of clothing for huge breast creating difficulties and it will cause social and psychological problems. Applied to breast reduction surgery, the breasts that gives a natural look, eliminating the problems listed above, and make life easier.


If you are thinking to be breast reduction surgery or want to take information for this subject you should consult a plastic surgeon. You should tell to surgeon clearly what you expect from the surgery and expectations in the first examination. Your surgeon will listen to you before, learn your personal story with disease and illness of family, and then will examine you. As a result of this examination, size of your breasts, shape, skin condition, age, and your marital status, so new place of nipple will be discussed with you. Your surgeon will give you information about the details of the surgery, scar, nipple sensation, breast feeding, anesthesia type and they will provide information about the risks of surgery. You can decide easier to surgery seeing pictures of patients having surgery before.

Preparation For Surgery

In addition to blood and lung film, mammography and breast ultrasound should be done if necessary. High blood pressure, smoking, drug addiction, diabetes conditions should be discussed. Usually, giving blood for breast reduction surgery is not required. If necessary, blood transfusions can be provided from patients own blood (autotransfusion) which is taken 5-7 days before surgery. For a few days after the day of surgery, you will need someone to help you. Breast reduction surgery is a surgery to be done in the hospital, you may need to stay in hospital for 1-3 days.


In aesthetic breast reduction surgery, large breast tissue reshaped according to size of person’s body. More breast tissue and skin is removed. The nipple is moved to appropriate place. Surgery is done in hospital operating room under general anesthesia. Operating takes 2.5 to 4 hours. It doesn’t matter whichever method applied, scarring is inevitable around the nipple. In addition to this, according to applied method inverted T-shaped scar will remain in middle part of the nipple. T-shaped scar will adapted to curve of the lower part under the breast. Recently, surgical traces have been eliminated with applied technique in the breast curve. Traces remain just around the nipple and down from 4.5 to 5 cm middle part of the nipple. However, these traces is evident initially, over time, they may become disappear. The degrees of post-operative scars depend on breast size, surgical method and finally the patient’s skin.

One group of patients has expressed sunbath topless. In some special cases, implementation of surgery which is listed above forms may not be possible to larger breasts. In this case, different techniques are used and nipple being moved freely, operations scars is the same as inverted T-shaped scars.


Usually patient can feel comfortable after surgery. The pain is minimal. Arm movements may be restricted. After surgery coils can be applied over the breasts similar to bra or some surgeons wear bra immediately. Generally drain pipe is placed in each breast and they are removed within 24-72 hours. Different dressing is put on the nipple. Wound dressing is opening and controlled 2 days after. Coils can be opened 7 days after. The stitches are taken after 7-10 days. Patient should stay in hospital 1-3 days. Patient should dress sports bra and massage in 6 weeks. The early period patient may feel swelling and numbness on the nipple or purplish discoloration may occur on the skin. They disappear as soon as possible.

Return To Normal Life

The patient can return to work after 1 week. They should avoid heavy sports in 3 months. Aesthetic breast reduction surgery gives good and permanent results and person becomes more connected to life and women’s mental health will be fine, especially women’s clothing style can be easier than before. The new shaped breast will be firm for a long time but weight changes, pregnancy, lactation, and gravity can cause the breast volume increase and flabbiness.

Breast Reduction Surgery’s Risks

There are certain risks of breast reduction surgery as with every surgery. You should discuss all of these risks with your doctor one by one. Bleeding is rare condition and this can be seen during surgery or post-operative period. After surgery, drain which is located in breast will control bleeding in the breasts and prevent the accumulation of blood within the breast tissue. Patients should not take aspirin or similar drugs from 10 days prior to surgery, these drugs can increase bleeding tendency. Infection is extremely unusual condition. Most surgeons use antibiotic prophylaxis at the beginning of surgery. The sensitivity of the nipple and skin may reduce temporarily. Every surgical procedure leave a scar, traces can not be predetermined in general. The necessity of additional surgical procedures is important for patient who is made breast reduction surgery, because many factors affecting in long-term. If breast laxity and sagging situation arises, additional surgery may need to correct.