Aesthetic Breast Lift Surgery


Aesthetic Breast Lift Surgery

Breasts may become pendulous with different reasons. Breast tissue ties can loose through time. Depending on weight changes, effect of breastfeeding and gravity, we can see discrepancy between breast tissue and surrounding skin envelopes. The problem may belong to breast tissue, skin, or both. After almost an empty-looking pendulous breasts may occur.


You should discuss with surgery about what you expect from your doctor and why you want make operation as with other breast surgery. If there is a systemic disease in your family history such as breast disease or cancer, smoking, drug abuse, you must tell your doctor about this disease. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor about potential problems of surgery.


In aesthetic breast lift surgery, flaccid state breast tissue is reshaped, excess skin is removed. Nipple is moved to real mode. Surgery is done under general anesthesia in hospital operating room. It takes 1.5-2 hours. According to the degree of sagging, scar can be seen in different shapes. It doesn’t matter whichever method applied, scarring is inevitable around the nipple. If incision applied around the nipple in breast lift surgery, the scar may be more evident around nipple. In addition to the other breast lift surgery scar around the nipple, nipple stretching down the middle part of the lower edge of 4-5 cm. may be a long trail. Flabbiness can be eliminated by putting only the breast prosthesis for appropriate patients. In this case, surgical scar, just skin of the nipple with brownish-white skin of the chest instead of with the merger will be hidden and minimal. All breast lift surgery can make scar. However, initially scar will be clear, gradually become disappear.

After The Surgery

Usually you will feel comfortable after surgery. The pain is usually not a problem. During the surgery breast prosthesis is used, the arm movements may be restricted a few days. Dressing will be applied over the breasts. Different dressing is placed over the nipple. Dressing will be removed after 2 days and wound controlled by doctor. Dressing will be opened in 7 days. The stitches are taken after 7-10 days. Patient should dress sports bra during 6 weeks and make massage. The early period patient feel swelling, nipple numbness, and discoloration on the skin may be purplish. They disappear as soon as possible.

Return To Normal Life

Patient can return to work within 3-4 days. Patient should avoid heavy sports for 3 months. Generally aesthetic breast lift surgery give good and permanent results, that the person and his wife’s mental health is recovery and make them more connected to life. The new shaped breast is firm for a long time, but the weight changes, pregnancy, lactation, and gravity can cause new flaccid.